Candidate Hunt 2022: How Long Will It Take?

Uncategorized Feb 16, 2022

How long does it take on average to interview and hire a new employee in 2022?

Regardless of the economy, finding the greatest people in the market should be a continuous process including continual contact, persistent feedback, and a sense of urgency.


This is especially true in a candidates' market, which is exactly what we're seeing right now. For top talent, it's notably a candidates' market.


This is because these candidates have options. Those choices don't simply represent many job openings. They represent one or more of the industry's greatest employment vacancies.


The average time to fill (the time it takes to make a hire once a position opens) across industries is 42 days, according to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM). Workable's Benchmark tool, which compiles data from tens of thousands of clients, displays time to fill data broken down by industry and location.


According to other surveys, the average number of working days is 27. The average time to fill in your industry is an excellent benchmark for your hiring process timeframe. If you fill a post faster than your competitors, you may get the top candidates first.


Depending on the structure and position, interviews can range anywhere from 15 minutes (screening call with a recruiter) to several hours (e.g. group interviews). An average interview lasts 45 minutes to an hour. However, the length of an interview is influenced by several things. Unstructured interviews, for example, may vary in length since interviewers may ask each candidate a varied amount of questions.


 Make your interview process last roughly 1 hour. If you're interviewing for a more senior position, going above this limit to explain critical topics can be beneficial. However, regardless of the length of the interview, make sure you ask good questions and make your applicants feel at ease. According to a poll done by SHRM, the average cost for a recruit is close to $4,100. 


If you take too long throughout the hiring process, if there is a lack of contact and feedback, and if the process is slowed in any way, the candidate may see this as a reflection of your company as a whole. Two to four weeks is the recommended duration for this.


If the recruitment process takes more than four weeks, you risk losing those top-level candidates to a competitor.


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