BenAdmin Testimonials

Mar 17, 2022

We could tell you how great our BenAdmin system is and all the things it can do. Rather than that, here are several testimonials from companies that use Ease as their Benefit Administration system!

Magnum Drywall Magnum Drywall saves approximately 80 hours during open enrollment with Ease. “I love that all I have to do is add an employee, and then Pinnacle Brokers and Ease practically take care of the rest”.


Discover Hope “The fact that I can see whether employees have correctly completed their insurance forms right away reduces 50% of the time I spend on open enrollment. I know exactly what they’re missing, and can immediately communicate those facts to them.


Cyber Advisors “With Ease I save about 20 hours of work during open enrollment thanks to online submission of insurance forms. Additionally, each employee at Cyber Advisor saves at least one hour.”


Dayta Marketing “It’s normal for an employee to not know what benefits they want to elect right away. With Ease, they’re able to review plan options, compare costs, and complete enrollment from home. No one is tied to paper or their desks.


 “Online enrollment is such a time saver! Ease is user-friendly and certainly makes the open enrollment process easier. Our employees raved about how easy it was to enroll. The employees can easily see what they selected and the costs by logging in to the system. I dislike the fact that we did not make this change sooner. I can’t imagine going back to collecting papers!” Donna D | Jan 15, 2020 Employees: 51–200


“Ease makes it easy! The format and content are what I like best about Ease. I am an HR Manager and a lot of our field employees are not very tech-savvy, to say the least. I tried out other platforms to make the online training as straightforward and user-friendly as possible for them, and Ease, far and above, came in the first place.” Genna R | Jan 30, 2020 Employees: 51–200

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