Our Core Values

Servant Leadership

  • Operate first as a servant then lead.

Greater Good

  • Operate with the greater good of the client and agency in mind. Do not put short-term profit ahead of the long-term greater good.


  • Be open and honest at all times. Be willing to have tough conversations if it is for the betterment of the client or impacts the Greater Good.


  • Be committed to the success of our client. Be committed to your personal success. Be committed to doing the small things correctly.


  • Be successful in everything that we do. Help our clients be successful in their business.





Leadership Team 

Will Greene- President

Kaitlin Crowe- Senior Vice President 

Andy Ferez- Sales Manager

Jennifer Greene- Agency Recruiter


Sales Team

John Barwise

Hamp Greene

Molly McAdams




Client Support

Christina Nance-Implementation Manager

Linda Reed- Implementation Manager

Jennifer Cooke- Account Manager

Robert Murray-Senior Benefit Counselor

Laney Hopkins- Benefit Counselor




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